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My Friends Hot MOM

This story is about me and my friend Sunil's mom Naina. It happened when i was 18 years old in at Mumbai. Sunil used to be my classmate and used to stay only 10 mins walking distance from me. Sunil was the only child his parents had and they were Gujarat. Well, this is how the story goes: Sunil's father used to be in small construction business doing this he used to be working at the construction site day and night when the need arose. The first time i visited Sunil's house he opened the door and welcomed me in and offered some water and asked if i had my lunch i acknowledged, he said that he was right in the middle of finishing his lunch and said just sit down and give me company I agreed and stood by the kitchen door while he sat on the floor and finished his lunch.
I noticed some noise in the bedroom (they had one bedroom flat) and turned my head to see a slightly heavy lady in her around early 40's (later on found out that Sunil's mom was 41yrs old) standing by the cupboard wearing a Gujarat style sari, i didn't pay much attention as i wanted to show Sunil and his mom that I was a decent boy. Sunil's mom turned and came in the kitchen passing me and smiling at me telling me a sweet "namaste" I acknowledged her greeting, Naina (Sunil's mom) sat on the floor besides Sunil and started serving him more rice and dal etc, that was the first time I noticed her saree's pallu slip a little and I could see a massive cleavage with big breasts, I felt myself getting a little "uncomfortable", neither Sunil nor his mom noticed what I was feeling. I gulped and asked if I could use the bathroom. Sunil's mom immediately got up and walked up to the bathroom and turned the light on and pointed the bathroom to me, while walking by me i smelled the fragrance of that woman and thought this is "heaven", while she was turning the light of the bathroom on I noticed her back and her "backside" that was jiggling while she walked. For me at that age and time, she was the perfect "sex goddess" who had "everything". I guess my hormones where acting just right. That day onwards I started visiting Sunil without fail even on the weekends and holiday just to stare at his mom and talk to her as by then we had come on nice talking terms.

Now when I visited Sunil to study I used to pay attention to his mom more than studying, and especially if Sunil was not home I would still insist on studying rather than walking home and not being able to study at home, just so that I could watch her, my best times used to be when she would come out of shower only in her blouse and petticoat with a towel wrapped across her huge breasts, the drops of water on her body boobs, thighs, waist, neck and hair used to give me such a immense hard-on that i would go nuts, when she used to sweep the floor (they didn't have a maid) the saree would slip off of the breasts giving me a clear view of her globes while the saree was pulled up by her until her upper thighs. Naina used to have a habit of washing clothes before going for her shower and in the meantime she would take out her bra and panties and place it on the bed, while she washed her clothes, then pick up her lingerie and go for her shower.

With the time I found enough courage to enter their bedroom and touch her bra and panties as the bathroom door would be close, I used to kiss her bra all over imagining i am kissing her breasts and nipples. A few times the bra became wet (it was a white cotton bra) with my saliva, she picked it up and came to the living room and stared at me for a few seconds angrily (I pretended to not notice her and kept on looking down in the book) she would turn away and go for her shower. But if she ever kept her bathroom door open while washing clothes it would be just awesome, as she would bend over while standing and that would give me the best view of her big round ass. Another good time used to be when she used to take naps in the afternoon when she used to sleep, as she would sleep either in her blouse and petticoat, every time I would enter the room on pretext of looking for a book and sit down on the floor besides her and while she slept on her side, i would slowly try to lift the petticoat or saree and try to peep inside to see her thighs and panties or pussy. One day when I rang the door bell, Naina answered the door and smiled and said that "Sunil has gone out with his dad." I saw her in a transparent yellow saree and was so disappointed that immediately cursed Sunil and his father.
I asked Naina if i could wait, and she said that she is not sure when they will return as they have just left and would be back late at night, i said that i wanted to study and its not possible for me to study at my own house since its very noisy, she reluctantly agreed but had no clue about my intentions and neither did i ever plan anything. I started studying Naina had already taken shower and was having her lunch, she invited me to have some lunch with her and I agreed, and she started serving me like she served Sunil, I started peeping in her blouse where I could see her breasts just too big for the blouse making my mouth water, I looked up and saw her staring at me angrily, I just looked down and started eating, lunch went on without any further incident but she had become a little alert after that. When she went for her nap, I felt that's the end of it, and she will probably tell Sunil not to invite me over anymore. I gathering courage entered her bedroom and as usual started to peep in her petticoat. When she turn the side I used to just run away getting scared thinking "what if i get caught", but that day things were to be totally differnt, just as I lifted her petticoat to peek inside, she opened her eyes as she was about to turn her side..."oh shit" I thought, I was caught red-handed!!! "RAJ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she yelled.
I was stunned and dead scared, didn't know what to do next I just stood up staring at her and then in shame hung my head down looking at the floor. She just stood up and started saying all sorts of things, but my mind was blown up what would happen next, as she kept on threatning that she will go and talk to my parents. I started pleading "please don't tell my parents, I made a very big mistake and won't repeat it, I won't even come to your house anymore I promise" I requested crying. Naina mellowed down a little bit, I still kept on crying, she started feeling guilty and started to calm me down, saying you shouldn't do this and stuff, I just kept on nodding, and looked up and for a moment seeing her again in her blouse and petticoat with no saree, huge breasts and a massive cleavage started to feel the tingle in my pants, she noticed it immediately and walked away in the kitchen. I followed and kept on repeating "sorry", maybe the attention got to her and she turned and asked why do I stare at her and behaved that way, I asked her if she wouldn't get upset again I will tell her the truth, she agreed. "Aunty" I said. "You look very sexy to me" scared again that she would be angry.
I looked at her and saw her staring at me with her eyes widening, seeing no response verbally I proceeded, "I like to see your body move when you walk, feed us in the kitchen I like to see your boobs and your backside (trying to be decent)". Her eyes now very wide and mouth open astonished. I continued "I like it when you and me are alone and when you are sleeping i like to see you more because you don't have your saree on and it excites me." I kept on looking at her all of a sudden she realized that she wasn't wearing any saree and I am looking at her body hungrily, she walked in the bedroom again, I followed again, she picked up her saree, not seeing her angry anymore.
I got a little bolder stepped up to her and stopped her from wearing it and said "please don't wear it, I like to see you this way." she again looked at me angrily and said "just stop it." I continued "I wish I could just hug you and kiss you once, can I please??" I asked and she refused, but since her refusal was not as strong I kept on insisting and she agreed for one hug, "wow!!!!!!!!!" the moment I hugged her, I felt her boobs on my chest and her lower portion touching my erect member, from her waist I immediately moved my hand to her upper ass, I kept on feeling her back and upper ass and started to kiss her on the neck and shoulder, I kissed her ear and her cheeks "ohhhhhhhhh" she moaned, "please stop RAJ" she begged. Understanding that this is a chance that might never come again and I need to take full advantage of it, I dared and proceeded to kiss her on the lips, where my and her tongue just brushed, "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" she moaned again. I thought she loved this and to excite her more and be more in control kissed her more strongly on the lips and she started sucking my lips and soon my tongue entered her mouth where our tongues played with each other, "mmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmmmm" she kept on moaning, but not stopping me anymore. My hands on her back were now moving all over her back feeling each and every inch of her backside (still on the upper ass though, I didn't want to take a risk of ending this forever) when my tongue was in her mouth she sucked on it and felt just great, trying to return the favour, i did the same to her tongue and sucked it but a little harder than her... "mmmmm....mmmmm..." the moment I heard her again, I knew it that she was liking this... And became wild, starting to suck her tongue hard and became very aggressive, she loved this and broke the kiss..."ohhhh maa....ufffff ohhh.." she said.
I saw the chance (and the opening) and kissed her on her upper breasts and around the cleavage very hard literally biting her there, when I took my mouth off i saw the deep red marks on her upper breasts "oooooooooo ssssssss aaaahhh ufffff maaa ouuuuiee ouchh" she kept on repeating. I moved behind her and pressed my cock on her ass pressing it hard I grabbed both of her breasts and pressed and squeezed them hard "aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh" she yelled. I started stroking her ass and she kept on pushing her ass back against my cock
I just loved it and thought yes this will go through. I moved back in front and kissing her on her lips and sucking her tongue and in between moving my kisses to her neck, upper breasts and all over her face, all the time while my hands explored her body, I took a break to look at her face that looked very sexy in all submission breathing heavily while her breasts moved up and down, eyes closed with extreme lust and passion on her face with mouth just a little open where I could see her tongue, I pulled her closer again and she opened her mouth and I started kissing her wildly again with same vigor. I slowly started to push her towards the bed I made her sit and then she lied down on the bed on her own I climbed on the bed and over her all the time kissing her and squeezing her right boob she kept her hand over mine and squeezed it hard, I broke the kiss and started to open the first hook of her blouse and then the next until all of them were open, and I saw her huge breasts in a black bra I moved her blouse aside and went back to kissing her (didn't want her to get cold) I tried to pull her blouse aside to which she responded by getting her body up so that I could remove the blouse, now she was in her black bra and petticoat breathing heavily.

I went back to kissing her and slowly made my way by pulling her bra strap aside and getting her breast out, wow! There it was, a huge tit with pointed nipple seeing that site. I went crazy and started biting and sucking her nipple real hard while squeezing it, "ouchhhhhhhhh... Huh... Ufffffffff... Aaah.... Ohhhhhh maa...basssss..please...basss karo..its hurting me.....dheere karo..." but the way she was saying all this was very soft... But I didn't care...and turned her over...and unhooked her bra...and removed it. Naina was now only in her petticoat breathing heavily while I was watching her breasts go up and down due to her heavy breathing and her mouth slightly open I placed my mouth on her belly and started just lightly touching the tip of my tongue on her belly all over... She just went crazy on this... "ohhhhhhhhhhh...mmmmmmmmm.....ohhhh..." I just could wait anymore and reached to open her petticoat which she helped to... She was wearing a black panty which I immediately removed. And there it was her pussy, the love tunnel that I wanted to enter with my manhood.
I could see the wetness on her pussy lips and a little on her pussy tool. She was lying on the bed now fully naked breathing heavy eyes closed with her mouth slightly opened like the ultimate sex machine, I wanted to feast on that sight and capture the moment forever, sensing that she was fully naked she opened her eyes a little and reached over to my chest and tugged my shirt, I immediately understood that she wanted me to take off the shirt, and without wasting a single moment, I removed my shirt, pants and underwear (not wanting to take a chance where she would change her mind.
As soon as I was naked I hugged her again and started kissing her while my fully erect cock was touching her fat thighs with my pre-cum spreading itself all over her thighs leaving a mark wherever it touched. Our bodies touched which were a little sweaty because of the Bombay afternoon heat and humidty. Naina reached for my cock and started stroking it while I went back to sucking her breasts and squeezing them mercilessly while she screamed in pleasure but enjoying it utmost. I slowly started going down on her and saw her deep fleshy navel which I like to stare at when the women show it off especially when they wear a saree. I stuck my tongue out and inserted it in her navel to which she screamed "ooooooooooo maaaaaa...uffffffff...ohhhhhh ..please...." seeing that her navel was also her sensitive part I started circling her navel with my tongue and in between would plant a deep french kiss to it...all the time hearing her moan...and hold my head ruffling her fingers through my hair.. "huh...huh...(she would bounce her chest up and down..with sudden jerks) ohhhh...ohhh...yessss...".
I just couldn't wait and wanted to fuck her so hard that she would scream in pain and pleasure both, but also wanted her to make the move and beg me for it, i wanted to be in control. I lifted my head up to see her bouncing boobs and sqeezed them both together crushing them... "ouuuuuuuuchhhhh hurtsss...ooooh ammmaa...oohh..." i pinched her nipples twisting them in my fore-finger and thumb she liked that and placed her hand over my hands squeezing her own breasts "yessssssss I like that pinch them but not that hard" she hissed that whisper had a very seductive tone to it.
I looked down to her open legs and placed my hand over her pussy, she opened up her legs immediately waiting for my next move, I climbed in between her legs, she pushed her pelvis down into the bed more trying to accommodate me. My cock was pointing towards her wet inviting pussy, she caught hold of my cock and with the other hand spread her pussy lips and pulled my cock forward inviting me to enter her i obliged "slowwwww.." she whispered again "huh" "ohhh ooooh....uffffffff dheere pleeeeeeeeeease" she said while I pushed my cock slowly into her pussy, I felt as if fire was surrounding my cock and it was still in water, the heat of her pussy was so intoxicating but the wetness so smooth. She had her mouth open now like a big "o" I saw a pleasure and a little pain on her face and don't know what overcame me, maybe that little while ago she was in control and me on her mercy if she would tell on me wanted to be in full control and inflict a little pain on her. I slammed my cock hard into her pussy "ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhh" she screamed. I liked her reaction and wanted to see more of it. I took my cock out until the head was visible a little and then slammed it back again "ufffffffffffffffff RAJ pleeeeeeeeease dheere karo it hurts" she said again "but do you like it?" I asked, "I love it" she replied "then let me do it the way I want it." I said she smiled a little at my response.
I kept on slamming my cock in her pussy and every time it would touch the hilt she would let out a moan "oooooohhh maa come on RAJ, uffffffff...aaaaaaahhhhhh ohhhhh mmmmmmmmm dheere karo naa i want it to last pleeeeeeeease slowwwww yessssssss ohhhhhhhhh maaaaa uffffffffff yesssss huh ohhhhh ohhhhhhhhh ooooooooohhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ssssssssssssssss hssssssssss". She was moaning loud now as my movements were still very hard seeing her so vunerable i was enjoying it more because every time my cock would reach the hilt and it would jerk her body she would let out a moan and at the same time her sexy lips would make another "o" before she would say anything or moan at the same time her huge tits would bounce up and down with the motion. I picked up my pace and started fucking her faster and harder unable to control my animal instincts the bed started squeezing a little and moving with our body movements and as it slammed against the wall it made sounds of "thump-thump-thump-thump-thump" but she didn't care and neither did I.
With the pace picked up her moans became more frequent and non-stop and louder, "ooooooooohhhh". I placed my hands on her stomach and around the navel and moved it up to her breasts and squeezed them and pinched the nipples "oooooooooohhhh yesss RAJ yessss ufffffff yeaahhh ohhh maaa unnnnnnghhhhhh ohhh ohhhhh ohhhh oohhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh ohhh unggggggggghhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ooooooooohhhh ohhhhhhhhh zor se....haan aur zor see...ufffffffff huhhhhhhhh ooooooohhhhh pleeeeeeease zor se...aur zor se..offfff" she moaned with every stroke.
Then all of a sudden I felt the rush in my body going all the way to my cock and felt it is going to explode without a warning sensing that I am about to cum, she held my waist and opened her mouth to say something but before she could say anything without a word "unnnnnnnnnnnnghhhhhh ooooohhhhhhhhhh". I screamed and came inside her I felt like I came forever and ever like gallons and gallons of cum I deposited into her mature pussy. "oh my god" she said, but I still kept on going and fucking her wild (wanted to score on the first run) making her scream and moan with pleasure I wanted her to cum, after only a few strokes her body tensed up and her face became a little red with the expressions on her face changing and her body arching up.
I felt that she was about to cum too, I increased my speed. "oooooooooooooh maaaaaaaaaaa yesssss unnnnnnnnnnngghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeesss RAJ ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssss huhhhhh h uhhhhhh zor se RAJ, aur zor se......ufffffffffff ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ungggggghhhhhhhhh huhhhhh huhhhhh ohhss ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ufffffffffffffffff ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhh oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh" she came and with every shot her body jerked and she just reached up and hugged me tight. I out of exhaustion fell on her and hugged her while she just stroked my back and my ass, we were panting trying to catch our breath, I lifted my head up to look at her face, but her eyes were still closed but her face had a strange satisfaction and a little sweat. After a few minutes I got off her over to her right while she turned to me and smiled and said "I don't know how it happened, but......I never imagined I would ever do something like this, it has been so long that I was touched in this manner and guess that's why I couldn't control myself and stop you." "I loved it, you have no clue how I feel right now" was all i could say. She smiled and with tears in her eyes said "RAJ, please make sure no one knows about this and this is our secret especially my husband and Sunil." I replied "aunty no one will ever know that's my promise to you, you can trust me."
she nodded and continued "also please don't touch me in front of Sunil, or else he will be suspicious." I nodded and asked "when can I make love to her again?" "soon" she said "but I don't know exactly when." she then reached over and grabbed a bed sheet and covered her and my body in it as she was feeling shy, she asked me "how was it for you?" "great" I replied. I asked her the same question. "I was touched in this manner after a very long time, and one of the very few times that I finished, because my husband like a typical Indian husband just turns over and goes to sleep as soon as he is done and doesn't bother about me, it has been months since he touched me" her faced turned sad. I placed my hand on her shoulder and moved up kissed her on the lips lightly and said "ab main hoon naa, I will take care of you in every manner".
She bit her lower lip half closed her eyes and smiled sexily, opening her eyes she said that she just had a flashback of us in the bed making passionate love she asked me "what part of my body you find so sexy?" I told her "your breasts they are huge i like to see the cleavage, your ass when you walk jiggles I love to squeeze it and your belly, but i wish I could see your navel (she used to wear only saree that too thin ones) all the time that I come here" "so basically all the main parts that turns the men on right?" she asked "haan" I replied. She assured me that she will make sure that she will tease me even if Sunil is around I challenged her to that and she accepted she said that she won't touch me though when Sunil is around and told me not to do the same. I said that I will touch her. She smiled shyly and said "what if the fire within me lights up again the moment you touch me". "main bhuja doonga" I told her.
She just smiled and asked "promise". "nop" I said. "Challenge" she asked me "how?" I told her give me 15minutes and I will do it. She said, "So if I send Sunil to the grocery store to get something you will be done within that time?" "Yes" I replied. She continued "if you do that I will let you do whatever you want!!!" wow!!!!! I thought. But guess what....since that day onwards she started wearing her saree's way below her navel..

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