Monday, May 18, 2009

Two aunts in one night

It happened in 1991, when I was just about 18 years old, I had a big fetish for matured women and still do. I want to share the pleasure I got with my aunts. That was my second experience in sex. Till then only fantasy was Pammi aunty. I belong to an orthodox family in which spelling the word sex is prohibited. So I don’t know anything. But I had some fantasies by listening to my friends I had around 12 aunts and uncles and huge list of cousins. I was lusted with their matured bodies and blown boobs. After three months or so after my experience with Pammi Aunty, My friend Suman called me up saying that he and his parents were leaving for Hyderabad for some wedding function and requested me to stay in their house during their absence at least in the nights. He told me that they will be back in six days. He told me that he is leaving the keys with their neighbor Mr. Sani house. I said Okay and asked him if he had any vcd's to watch(blue films). He said that he had a few with him. The same evening, I went to his house which was around 4 kilometers from my residence. I went to collect the keys from Mr. Sani house, But he was not available and his beautiful wife age around 34 or 35 with a lovely arse. Her shape was too good that I could not take my eyes off her boobs and arse with 36-28-38. Her name was Sukhi. I told her about the keys, but she was hesitant to give. She told me to sit and wait till her husband comes. I asked her when he will be back. She said that he will be back in 2 hrs time. She told me to turn On the TV and watch. She had a wicked and sexy smile in her while saying so And she went inside the kitchen. I kept staring at her back as she went. After some time, she brought me some biscuits and coffee. I noticed that she changed her saree and was wearing a sleeveless transparent white blouse through which I could see her Blue BRA and a matching white mini skirt. My cock was erect seeing her in this dress. Her milky white thighs were a treat to watch. I was not sure what color panties she was wearing but the whole panties was visible. Maybe Blue or Black. I was waiting for a signal to proceed further to fuck her. She stopped my staring saying what is this you are looking at me as though you have not seen any woman. I told her not as beautiful like her. She sat close to me and suddenly took my hand and placed on her boobs. I told her that the door was open, but she was deaf to my words and started kissing me. I wasted no time and hugged her tightly and kissed each part of hers. Slowly, we proceeded towards the bedroom. I removed her Blouse buttons and freed it from her top body. Her boobs were enclosed in the Blue BRA.I pressed her boobs along with the BRA. She started to make noises. Come on, remove my BRA and take my nipples in your mouth and suck them like a baby, I did as Sheela aunty said. I slowly removed her Blue BRA and kept kissing her while I removed her BRA. I said Aunty you are so exciting and beautiful. She was moaning don't waste time Jimmy, suck me, lick me fuck me. come on Arun, please.I took her in my arms, kiss her neck and moved lower to her boobs and put my tongue around her nipples. Then started sucking them hard. She was making love noises ummmm ahhhhh. I put my hand down her white skirt and raised it on top to expose her panties which was BLUE one. She was all excited and telling you are making me mad and loving so beautifully, my husband doesn't satisfy me or love me like you. I then started removing her mini skirt and then removed her PANTIES. I put my tongue inside her CUNT and started licking. OHHHH I am loving what you are doing lick me nice. She got up and removed my t-shirt and jeans pant. She pressed my penis along with my undies. My cock was rock hard. She removed my undies and kissed my cock. So Big she said that my husbands. She rolled her tongue to around my cock and placed with my balls with her hands. Then Sheela aunty put my cock inside her mouth and started sucking it like a lollypop. I changed her position to a 69 and started licking her cunt. Both were enjoying and making noises. Sheela aunty was shouting with joy come on Arun fuck me with your stick, I cannot bear it please arun please fuck me ahhh, come on. Then we both stopped licking and sucking and I inserted my rod inside her wet cunt. She made a noise when I entered her. Fuck me harder she said. I continued pushing my rod inside and outside her pussy. Its feeling so good arun. Keep fucking don't stop, I love what your doing she said. Ahhh yeahhh harder my lover she was shouting. After some time, We both came together and I could feel my cock filling her hot cunt with loads of cum. Sukhi aunty kissed me and hugged me. She thanked me for making her happy and told me to satisfy her in future also. Sukhi aunty started to dress and I helped her to hook her BRA. She kissed my wet cock and licked it dry. I then collected the key and when to Suman's house. I opened the door and decided to have a shower and have a nice sleep. I don't know when I went to sleep, I suddenly heard somebody opening the door. I went to see who it was. A lady around 35 or 38 years was entering the house. She was Suman's Aunty Swati. She saw me and said you are Jimmy right. Suman was telling me about you that you will be staying here during their absence she said. She asked me if I am going to stay in the night. I told her since she had come I will make a move. There was sadness in her face hearing my reply. She requested me to stay and give her company for the night. I was waiting for such a reply from Swati aunty. She said she will go and bring something’s for us both to eat for dinner.I watched her make her way out. Her figure was sexiting, lovely arse and her body was tight. I wished I could see her naked, which I fantasy the most. In half an hour’s time, Swati aunty was back with some packets probably briyani and a bottle. I could not guess what bottle it was. She was looking at me and smiling. Then she told me that she will change her dress and come. I watched her swaying her butt as she went towards the bathroom. After sometime she came out and went to one of the bedroom. To my surprise, Swati aunty didn't change as yet and left the bedroom door slightly open. I slowly walked towards the room and saw aunty removing her blouse. She was smiling all the while removing the hooks of the blouse. My heart started pounding and my cock was getting harder. After removing her blouse, she threw her pink saree on the bed. She was only in BRA and petticoat. Her RED BRA was lacy one and looking sexy on her fair body. Her white petticoat revealed that she was wearing panties inside. I was anticipating her to remove the petticoat so I can get a look at her thighs and arse. As I thought about it, Swati aunty removed the string of the petticoat and was down in a flash. I got a good view of her thighs which had a good shape and her BLUE PANTIE was the sexiest thing on her arse. I pressed my rod in my pant itself, I was hot and wanted to masturbate. The next thing I saw, was she took a white nighty which was opened totally in the front and had buttons right from neck to middle of the thighs. She wore it and I quickly moved from their. Swati aunty came and sat on the sofa opposite to where I was sitting. As she sat, I realized that she had not buttoned last three below of the nighty. An she was giving me good show of her milky thighs and BLUE PANTIE. I was trying to concentrate on the TV. Come on Jimmy what are you watching, put on something nice and let’s start having our dinner, Aunty said. She removed the bottle which was a whisky bottle and went inside the kitchen to bring glasses for us both. She came Back with two glasses, plates and couple of sodas. I was totally surprised but was sure to have some real fun and I didn't want to show my intention till the time comes. Swati aunty opened the bottle and poured into the glasses and handed one to me. I rarely consume alcohol, because one cannot enjoy for long time with it. But to keep up with the time, I decided to have some. Aunty cheered and started to sip her drink like a regular drinker. She told me that had it whenever husband goes on tour which was usual for her husband to go on business tours. She said she was fed with this man (husband).Aunty gulped her drink and started to make another drink for her. She saw me and told, what is this Jimmy, you have not finished your drink?. I just had no reply and just gave her a smile. I had a plan in my mind that I will act as though the drink was working in me and see what she was up to. She finished her second one and was heading for the third round. I finished two rounds while she was about to finish her third one, I told her that I was feeling somewhat and requested that we should have our dinner. Aunty agreed and was looking very happy with my position. I was eyeing her slowly while Swati aunty serving and also while eating. My hands were anxious to touch her boobs and play with them. As per my plan I started to act as though I was sinking. Aunty came around and took me to the bedroom and made me sleep on the bed. She soon washed her hands and came and sat on the bed. She placed her hand on my face and slowly moved down and kissed my cheeks, then my lips. I was trying to keep my cool, but couldn't and I slowly responded to her kiss. Swati aunty was pressing her breast to my chest and was making all efforts to make me ready for a real fuck. She took my hand and started licking my middle finger as though licking my cock. I was going mad at her sexy attitude. Ohhh Jimmy, please make love to me She started to beg. She removed my shirt and kissed my nipples and licked my chest and rubbed her hand on crotch of my pants. She slowly removed the buttons of her white nighty in a teasing manner. I tried to touch them but she went away and trying to seduce me. Now she had removed her nighty totally and was only with her RED BRA and BLUE designed PANTIES. Swati aunty brought her BRA covered boobs near to my face. Come on Jimmy suck my nipples, She said. WOW, I told her You look lovely. I pulled her towards me and kissed her neck, down the valley of her boobs & I pressed her boobs and circled both the nipples along with the BRA. She was saying aahhh.. That’s beautiful, you are doing it so well Jimmy. I am Yours Jimmy play with my whole body. She removed the zip of my pant and put her hand inside my underwear, played with my balls then she said let me see the cobra which is dancing inside and removed my undies too. Her words were very exciting and sexy. Pegs of whisky were showing its true color on her. She was very horny, she took my rod, rolled her tongue around the head of my dick. She was making all sorts of comment and using all filthy language. Aunty! I want to lick your pussy . Don't call me aunty, I am having sex with you, only Swati. She then moved her position to a 69 and My face was at her PANTIE covered cunt. I pulled her PANTIE down. OH my, what a cunt she had and how well she shaved her pubic hairs keeping a bunch at the top of her cunt lips. Your cunt looks great I complimented her. She was not hearing a single word and was taking my cock in and out of her mouth. She was real like what she was doing. I inhaled the smell of her cunt and then slowly spread her lips of her cunt. They were rosy and wet. I put the tip of my tongue inside her cunt. She was shaking heavily. Lick me, ohhh umm fuck me with your tongue Jimmy. Put your hands on my boobs and play with my tits. She removed her mouth from my cock and removed her bra. I kept licking. Come on Jimmy fuck me with your penis. I want u inside me .make me happy tonight.She got up from the bed and brought a condom from her handbag and rolled the condom to my hot rod herself and gave a gentle lick to my balls. I was happy putting a condom to be safe and gave a push inside her cunt. Ahhhhhh so nice she said. Your great Jimmy u is doing perfectly. Fuck me arun harder. I gave good thrust in and out of her cunt. She was screaming with pleasure, ohhh ahh fuck harder Jimmy I am cuming. You are great lover Jimmy fuck me. After a few minutes I released hot cum inside her CUNT. She was kissing and thanking me for the wonderful fuck. Swati aunty then removed the condom and licked my dick. She was really a hot lady. We then kissed each other and went to sleep in each other arms naked

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