Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sexy supriya

I am working in a business firm and i have a friend namely swapna who is running a clinic on the way to my office. I usually go to swapna’s clinic after my office hours just have a chat session and to look at her deep cleavages and ass cheeks whenever gets a chance. On that beautiful day when i was returning back from my office to my home it was some where around 8 pm night, i saw the lights of clinic on.I stopped my car there and went inside the sexy doctor’s clinic. The moment i entered inside the office, i saw another girl sitting with my sexy friend. She looked very much executive and official. To my surprise she was more attractive and beautiful than swapna. Believe me she was awesome ,she was some where around 5'6" tall, high heeled, around 28/29 years .she was really fairish. She was almost rosy. Looking at her i felt she had most erotic body, she had body of 37-28-36.she was wearing purple pants.. Qameez. She had long, black, thick hairs .and she had open neck qameez. Her qameez was so transparent that her navel was visible. Her navel was like a pink rose. Her bra linings were clearly visible through her qameez. Her bra was so perfect and tight that place of her nipple was clearly visible. It was looking as if her boobs might pop out at any time. Her neck was like a surahi(long necked bottle) with little marks of pimple here and there. Her pants qameez were so tight that the shape of her ass was clearly visible. God, it was so sexy.Looking at her ass i guessed that she is some patient who had come to swapna she looked tired .i was staring at her once, suddenly swapna introduced her as her younger sister working in bank. I immediately greeted her and she also said hello to me with smile. We started chatting there and then once i asked to leave , swapna requested me to drop them at swapna’s house. I happily agreed and came out of the clinic with a naughty plan. I immediately took my water bottle and pour all the water on back seat of my car. Once both sisters came out i opened the back doors of my car. They both got in and the moment sat on seat they jumped with a laugh and said that the seat is wet. I made my face and said that since i had done the car wash, so it might had gone wet and invited both of them on front seat. Supriya sat next to me and swapna towards the door .as u know that front seat of car is not that big which can accommodate two sweet big assess. I started driving the car with slow speed and also kept touching the ass of supriya which was little wet because of water on back seat. In the way i came to know that supriya had married with a person and after passing 3 years her husband was not ready for ruksati because of his family matters and supriya was disappointed now of her life.I could feel her erotic ass touching my hands during the change of gears. Once we reached their house swapna invited me for food, which i accepted to talk more with supriya. I and supriya settled in drawing room and swapna went to prepare the food. During this time i offered her my services to show her the multan city which she happily agreed and we planned for the next day. Supriya told this thing to swapna who thanked me for all this. After the food swapna came to see me off on the door .i noticed that supriya was inside so i put my hands on swapna’s ass and pressed them .while i was pressing her ass swapna noticed bulge in my pants and got hold of it. We were in the same position once supriya suddenly appeared. I left swapna immediately and left their house. As per promise i reached swapna’s house and found supriya waiting for me. We had general talks and then i told her to move out side but she said that she is not well and have headache. I offered her to massage her head. Initially she hesitated but then put her head on my laps .ohh dear readers my cock was jumping inside my pant and touching her head. After some time she adjusted her head on my lap in a way that now my cock was rubbing her neck and i found her moving her neck slowly with it. And i could see a sort of lust in her face.She was totally pink in co lour. Now her valley between her breasts was clearly visible. She was wearing a white bra with lot of laces. As my hands were moving, now and then i was touching them to her shoulder deliberately. She was moaning now. I started pressing her boobs and it felt so soft. I cud hardly believe myself. My 8 inches rock hard cock was stiffening. I was wearing tight jeans on that day. So she cud see the shape of my hard cock in between my pants .she just looked at my pants through corner of her eyes, and she understood all. I was getting out of control. My stony dick was paining. She slowly moved and pressed her shoulder against my cock. I controlled myself. She was giving tender smile to me. My manhood was screaming inside my pants and i was totally mad, but i was getting heavenly feeling inside me. ! She was gorgeous, stunning , pretty, inviting & totally she was sexy ! She got up and closed the door. She asked me to sit on a couch & i couldn't take my eyes off her. She laughed and asked me what the matter was.I praised her beauty with all the words i knew & she blushed. Good heavens! If her husband could ignore such a beauty then i doubt his masculinity. We spoke for a few minutes & had tea. But i found it very hard to control myself for long. But i didn't want to hurry up & lose the opportunity of such a beauty's company. Just then the phone rang & her sister swapna who was in her clinic & who was expected to arrive after an hour informed her that she will be little late because of more patients. I slowly sat beside her & put my hand on her shoulder. This was the beginning. She placed her head on my shoulder & the whole scene was romantic, slow music, faint perfume & above all a pretty woman beside me. I touched her cheeks & slowly moved my hands down to her neck. She was quicker than me, she pulled my face towards her & placed her lips over mine. We french kissed & sucked each other's lips & she pulled her hair band. Her waist length hair spread like a waterfall. And she looked even more beautiful.I started unbuttoning her dress & she blushed, smiled & closed her eyes. I pulled her bra & saw the most wonderful pair of breasts i've ever seen. Her nipples were about half an inch long & inviting. I could not hold any longer, i started sucking them. She started making sounds like sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh & pulled me nearer. I was sucking one while kneading the other. Slowly i made her lie on her back & moved towards her belly button. I inserted my tongue into it & she arched her body & emotionally said that she loves me & asked me to do it for the whole day. I made her turn and kissed every inch of her back. I massaged her asses which had turned pink by now. I tenderly bit them. She was laughing sweetly .i kissed them like any thing and rolled my hard dick over her ass. She was moaning like anything. By now i started licking her ass hole, she was blushing like anything. Her ass whole was pretty pink. I tenderly bit them ,she was moaning and enjoying with pain when i was doing this.I slowly pushed my tongue into that ass hole, she was moaning and said "uuu nnnaaaauuggghhty,shhhhh ooooooo doooon'ttt llleeeeeaaaavee meee". To my surprise, she was dictating to me about what and all i have to do with that hole. Her legs were rattled like snakes around my waist. Seeing her very easily got the feeling that she was really thirst for sex and man. Looking at her desperation i felt sympathy on her. And i really got angry at her dummy husband. Who was not arranging ruksati but any way it was good for me. I bit her milky thighs ,licked them starting from the toes to thighs and then i reached her juice filled pussy. Boy! Her pussy juice was so tasty. Still i feel that taste in my tongue , by this time, i was in pain. My cock was deliberately waiting to be freed. I stopped & asked her to move on to her bed. We moved to her bed room & on the way i was holding her boobs & tweaking her nipples from behind. She was laughing & enjoying. She pushed me on the bed & removed my pants first. My cock sprang to its fullest size revealing the flesh with a few drops of pre cum. She took the cock & moving its shaft back, she took it in her mouth.I quickly removed my shirt & was completely naked. As she bent over me to suck my manhood, her long silky hairs fell on my stomach & covered the sucking scene from me. I pushed her hair towards a side & enjoyed the scene of my cock being tasted by a real beauty. She seemed to be an expert at blowjob & i was getting harder & stiffer. After some time, i was about to cum. I didn't want to cum before her. So suddenly i pulled her away from my cock & she looked at me in anger. I made her lie on her back & started to remove her panty. She had a clean shaved pussy (which i like) & i got down to kiss on her pussy lips. When i planted a kiss on her pussy lips, she started moaning in whisper & making sounds like sssssssssss ssssss. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. She caught my hairs & pulled my face closer to her pussy. I started licking her pussy as i was starving from years & she started yelling aaaahhhhhhhh..deeeeeeper manoj pleaseeeeeeeeeee. I looked her face & it had a makeup of lust on it. Her juices were flowing continuously & it was only then i realized that the more beautiful a woman is, the more tastier her juices are. I spread her legs & surprisingly she was ready within no time. I put her legs on my shoulder & slowly inserted my cock in her pussy. She screamed nnnnnnnnn oooooooo.. Aaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhh as though she was a virgin. But she was so cute that i felt i was really hurting her.I pulled my cock out of her pussy & kissed her passionately on her lips, chin & neck. She hugged me tightly, kissed me all over my face, took my cock in her hand & she herself inserted it into her love hole. I made slow pushes & she was moaning mmmmmmmmmmm.. Ooooooooohhhhhh & at the same time pulling me inside her by putting her hands around my waist & ass. Slowly i increased my pace & her moans got louder. The whole room was filled with her moans with the rhythm of my balls slapping her ass. Both of us were sweating & her hairs were spread on the white pillow. While fucking her faster, i caught hold of her thighs which were on my shoulders & would nibble those milky white thighs & she was in the heaven. And suddenly she shivered and came again & again & i was also about to come. Suddenly i removed my cock from her pussy & came all over her stomach, neck, face & hairs. She was really enjoying the pleasure with her eyes closed & had a satisfied look on her pretty face. I collapsed on her naked body with my cum all over her & hugged her. She was laughing with joy & told me that she had never enjoyed sex to this extent. She kissed me passionately all over my body & wished i had to be her husband. We slept in each other's arms for about an hour.Later we got up since swapna was about to come from her clinic and then i left. She let me go only after i promised her that i will satisfy her whenever she needs me. We had sex two more times during her stay at multan. Swapna never came to know about our relations and i kept satisfying both sexy sisters wherever had chance.